Below are the formula's and recipes that we keep in stock.

Please note, if you do not see a recipe you are looking for, we can special order it for you!

Dogs in the Kitchen

Grain, Gluten & Carrageenan Free

The Double Dip
Beef & Wild
Caught Samlon
Goldie Lox
Chicken & Wild
Caught Salmon
Fowl Ball
Chicken Breast
& Turkey
Lamb & Pumpkin
Funk in the Trunk
Chicken Breast
& Pumpkin
Love Me Tender
Chicken Breast

Classic Formulas

Grain & Gluten Free

Paw Lickin' Chicken
w/ Chicken Breast
in Gravy
Wok The Dog
w/ Chicken, Beef &
Pumpkin in Gravy
Peking Ducken
w/ Chicken & Duck
in Gravy
Steak Frites
w/ Beef, Pumpkin & Sweet
Potato in Gravy
Cirque de la Mer
w/ Tuna & Veggies
in Pumpkin Soup
Jammin' Salmon
w/ Chicken & Salmon
in Pumpkin Soup
Funky Chunky
Chicken Soup with Pumpkin
Hot Dayam!
w/ Luscious Lamb
in Gelee

Safe, Healthy Snacks & Ones to Avoid

Find out what fruits & veggies you can share with your dog and which ones to avoid.

The "Itchy Scratchies"

Environmental allergies, food allergies, or just a lack of Omega-3 Fatty Acids?

How to get the purrfect coat.

Follow these tips and tricks to help keep your coat in runway shape, even between spa days!

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