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Below are the formula's and recipes that we keep in stock.

Please note, if you do not see a recipe you are looking for, we can special order it for you!

Complete Health Formulas

CH Chicken Adult.png
CH Tky Salmon.png
CH chicken herring.png
CH Tky.png
CH Tky Dinner Gravies.png
Chicken Pate
Chicken & Herring Pate
CH Ckn Kitten.png
Chicken Pate
CH Bf Ckn.png
Beef & Chicken Pate
Turkey & Salmon Pate
Turkey Pate
Turkey Dinner

Core Pate

CORE Pate BF VEn Lamb.png
CORE Pate Chicken Turkey Chicken Liver._
CORE Pate Tky Duck.png
Beef, Venison & Lamb
Chicken, Turkey & Chicken Liver
Turkey & Duck
CORE Pate Indoor Chicken.png
Chicken & Chicken Liver
CORE Pate WF Salm Herring.png
Whitefish, Salmon & Herring

Signature Selects

Selects  Shredded Ckn Tky.png
Selects Flaked Tuna Shirmp.png
Selects Flaked Tuna Salmon.png
Selects Chunky Chicken Salmon.png
Selects Shredded Ckn Beef.png
Shredded Chicken & Turkey
Flaked Skipjack Tuna & Shrimp
Flaked Skipjack Tuna & Salmon
Chunky Chicken & Salmon
Shredded Chicken & Beef
Morsels Chicken and Turkey.png
Morsels Turkey and Duck.png
Morsels Chicken And salmon.png
Morsels Tuna_0.png
Morsels Chicken and Chicken Liver.png


Chicken & Turkey Morsels
Turkey & Duck Morsels
Chicken & Salmon Morsels
Tuna Morsels
Chicken & Chicken Liver Morsels
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