Below are the formula's and recipes that we keep in stock.

Please note, if you do not see a recipe you are looking for, we can special order it for you!

Puppy Formulas

Puppy - Chicken & Brown Rice
Puppy - Lamb & Brown Rice
Large Breed Puppy - Chicken, Brown Rice 
Large Breed Puppy - Lamb & Brown Rice

Adult Formulas

Small Breed Adult - Chicken & Brown Rice 
Adult - Chicken & Brown Rice
Adult - Lamb & Brown Rice (Small Bites)
Adult - Lamb & Brown Rice
Large Breed Adult - Chicken & Brown Rice
Large Breed Adult - Lamb & Brown Rice
Adult - Lamb & Brown Rice (Healthy Weight)
Adult - Chicken & Brown Rice (Healthy Weight)

Senior Formulas

Small Breed Senior - Chicken & Brown Rice
Senior - Chicken & Brown Rice
Senior- Lamb & Brown Rice
Large Breed Senior - Chicken & Brown Rice

Limited Ingredient Formulas

Adult - Salmon & Lentil
Adult - Lamb & Sweet Potato

Ultra Formulas

Small Breed Adult - Chicken, Lamb & Salmon
Small Breed Senior - Chicken, Lamb & Salmon
Adult - Chicken, Lamb & Salmon
Adult - Chicken, Lamb & Salmon
(Weight Management)
Senior- Chicken, Lamb & Salmon

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