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Blue Buffalo

Below are the formula's and recipes that we keep in stock.

Please note, if you do not see a recipe you are looking for, we can special order it for you!

Puppy Chicken Dinner.png
Small Breed.png
Lamb dinner.png
Chicken Dinner w/ Garden Vegetables
Small Breed
Chicken Dinner w/ Vegetables
Lamb Dinner
w/ Garden Vegetables


Chicken Dinner.png
Beef Dinner.png
Fish & Swt Po Dinner.png
Chicken Dinner Weight Management.png
Chicken Dinner Senior.png
Chicken Dinner
w/ Garden Vegetables
Beef Dinner
w/ Garden Vegetables
Fish & Sweet Potato w/ Vegetables
Healthy Weight Chicken Dinner w/ Garden Vegetables
Senior Chicken Dinner w/ Garden Vegetables
Angus Beef.png
Filet Mignon.png
bacon egg and chees.png
Prime Rib.png
grilled chicken.png
Roasted turkey.png
Angus Beef Flavor
(in light juice)
Filet Mingon Flavor
(in light juice)
Bacon, Egg & Cheese
Breakfast Bites
Prime Rib Flavor
(in light juice)
Grilled Chicken Flavor
(in light juice)
Roasted Turkey Flavor
(in light juice)
Rottiserie Chicken.png
Steak and Egg.png
Rotisserie Chicken Flavor
(in light juice)
Steak & Egg Flavor
Breakfast Bites

Devine Delights


Grain Free

Chicken Recipe
Puppy Chicken.png
Small Breed
Chicken Recipe
Small Breed.png
Beef Recipe
Backyard BBQ.png
Sunday Ckn Dinner.png
Turkey Day Feast.png


Backyard BBQ
Sunday Chicken Dinner
Turkey Day Feast
Blues Stew Hearty Beef.png
Hearty Beef Stew
Blue Stew Hunters Stew.png
Country Chicken Stew
Wilderness Beef Grill.png
Wilderness Chicken Grill.png
Wilderness Turkey Grill.png
Wilderness Duck Grill.png


Beef Grill
Chicken Grill
Turkey Grill
Duck Grill
Bayou Blend
Denali Dinner
Flatland Feast
Snake River.png
Snake River Grill
beef and chicken grill.png
Beef & Chicken Grill
Wolf Creek Hearty Beef Stew.png
Wolf Creek Stew
Hearty Beef 
Duck & Chicken Grill.png
Duck & Chicken Grill
Wolf Creek Chunky Chicken Stew.png
Wolf Creek Stew
Chunky Chicken 
Salmon & Chicken Grill.png
Salmon & Chicken Grill
Turkey & Chicken Grill
Turkey & Chicken Grill.png
Turkey & Chicken WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Grill
Healthy Weight
Turkey & Chicken Grill
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