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Help Kathy Kick Cancer!

Kathy has been a member of our Pet Ranch family for nearly four years. She is a valued member of our grooming team and loved by all of her customers. Unfortunately, Kathy is uninsured and just four months shy of Medicare eligibility. We are trying to help raise money to help her with household expenses while out of work, medical bills already incurred, and future medical costs.


A few weeks ago, she became ill and went to an urgent care center. After a few blood tests, they found that her sodium and potassium levels were dangerously low, and she was taken by ambulance to the hospital, where she was admitted for a week. A CAT scan showed a mass in each lobe of the lung, and they did a biopsy to find out more information. Once they could get her sodium and potassium levels back up, they discharged her with instructions to follow up with the oncologist for results.


After only 36 hours of being home, a second trip to urgent care, a second ambulance ride and another week-long admission brought another battery of tests and diagnoses. Kathy has been diagnosed with small cell carcinoma  lung cancer, which they believe is the cause of her body's inability to self-regulate her sodium and potassium levels.


We are working on finding facilities and programs that provide cancer treatment to the uninsured. If you would like to share information regarding this, please drop us an email at or bring it by the shop. We will make sure to get Kathy the info. We have also started a CaringBridge account to keep everyone up to date on her journey. Click the link to the right

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It may not look like it, but there are still many ways to get to us despite the construction fencing!
Check out the map to find your way here!

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Dog Birthday, Dog birthday cakes, dog birthday cookies, dog bakery

Having a Birthday Paw-ty?
We carry a wide variety of healthy dog friendly birthday cakes, cookies (large & small) and even frozen yogurt! 

Hi, my name is Charlie!
I am the Pet Ranch mascot!
Keep an eye out for me on here, our social media pages and in the store!
I will let you know about new products, specials, promotions, contests and events! 

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Our Calendar of Events is the best place to find out what cool stuff will be happening at Pet Ranch!

We offer a Frequent Buyer Program!
Did you know that we offer a frequent buyer program for most of our food brands? And now we have joined with Astro Loyalty to help us track your club membership benefits! Download the app to follow along yourself OR look for manufacturer coupons on treats and other products! Click the link below! 

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